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Uniden GMR3040

Uniden GMR3040

Uniden GMR3040

The Uniden GMR3040-2CKHS 2-way radio is a lightweight, rugged and state of the art device equipped with valuable features and accessories including 2 VOX headsets, 2 carabiner clips, and dual charging cradle. Use it at sporting events, to stay in contact with family and friends, hiking, skiing, outdoors, or in a neighborhood watch for vital communication.

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Rp 2,250,000

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Uniden GMR3040-2CKHS 2-way radio

Uniden GMR3040

30-mile Range Keeps You Connected
Whether you're attending a big event, patrolling the neighborhood, or setting out on a long hike, this Uniden two-way radio set will keep you and your party connected. With the included GMRS frequencies, these radios can be used over a range of up to 30 miles.

Convenient Channel Scanning for Easy Communication
Easily scan for other GMRS/FRS radio users in your area.

Backlit LCD Screen for Easy Viewing
The orange backlit LCD screen is easy to read both day and night. It shows all necessary radio data, including which channel you are on. The screen also displays the battery charge level so you'll know when the battery is running low. Use the charging station to charge both radios at once. Typical battery life is about ten hours.

22 Radio Channels for Optimal Communication
With 15 GMRS and seven FRS channels, this Uniden two-way radio gives you several options for communicating. The FRS channels are best for short-range use while GMRS channels are ideal over longer distances of up to 30 miles. This radio also features a Weather Radio Broadcast mode, which allows you to select a weather channel and hear weather alerts from NOAA.

Hands-free Operation with VOX Headsets
Keep your hands free while you talk with the included VOX headsets. Simply plug the headset into the radio and hook the earpiece over your ear. You can secure the radio to your belt using the belt clip and enjoy full freedom of movement.


Spesifikasi :

  • 15 GMRS / 7 FRS Channels
  • 121 Sub Code
    (CTCSS Tone and DCS Code)
  • Up to 30 miles / 48 Km Range*
  • 10 Selectable Call Tone Alerts
  • Include 2x Headsets
  • 2x Carabiner Clips

Display :

  • Backlit LCD Display

Indicator / Alert Features :

  • Battery Level Meter
  • Battery Charger
  • Channel Monitor
  • Channel SCAN
  • Audible Low Battery Alert
  • Time-Out Timer

Security Features :

  • Keypad Lock
  • Key Beep
  • Roger Beep

Highlight Features :

  • 22 Channel (7 FRS / 15 GMRS)
  • 121 Codes  (CTCSS Ton and DCS Code)
  • 30 Miles / 48 Km* Range
  • Internal VOX Circuitry
  • NOAA / 7 Weather Channels

Package Content :

  • 2 Unit GMRS/FRS
  • 2 Belt Klip
  • 2 Battery Pack Rechargable
  • 1 Docking Twin Charger
  • 1 Adaptor
  • 2 HeadSets
  • 2 Carbiner Clips
  • Manual Book






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